Education Animal Sponsorship


Education Animal Sponsorship


By sponsoring any of these animals, you are helping Mercer County Wildlife Center to care for the education animals and to increase awareness of wildlife in New Jersey.

Your sponsorship will help pay for:

§  Food

§  Medication and supplements

§  Facility maintenance

With your sponsorship, you will receive:

§  Certificate of Sponsorship

§  4x6 photo or photo magnet of the animal

§  Written information sheet about the animal

Please select the animal that you would like to sponsor (Put in description field at checkout):

  • Peregrine falcon
  • Barred owl
  • Bald eagle
  • Striped skunk
  • Northern saw-whet owl
  • Eastern screech owl
  • Turkey vulture
  • American crow
  • Harris’s hawk
  • Barn owl
  • American kestrel
  • Great horned owl
  • Red-tailed hawk
  • Fish crow
  • Virginia opossum
  • Broad-winged hawk
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