My name is Kyle and I work as an information technology specialist in Princeton. My undergraduate degree was in biology, though.  And since May of '09 I have been working Saturday shifts at the Wildlife Center. Different seasons bring different animals and different challenges. I am now qualified to feed most all of the kinds of animals we care for at the Center. The raptors are certainly special. The raccoons have attitude. They're fun. And when Spring hits, caring for baby animals is non-stop.

Why do you care?

I watched the nature shows on PBS when I was a kid! I never stopped wanting to learn about animals. My studies in biology are extensions of that. There is value for me, working at the Wildlife Center. I appreciate the friendships I have with Center staff and other volunteers. I enjoy working with like-minded people who care about wildlife. I work in IT. Being allowed to volunteer at the Center, and give hands-on care to these helps me stay balanced.


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