Our Name Has Changed!

Our name has changed, but our mission has not! You have known and supported us for years as Wildlife Center, Incorporated -- working with Mercer County Wildlife Center to save the future of our native wildlife species, through education, rehabilitation and release.

Wildlife Center, Inc. is now Wildlife Center Friends!

We like our new name! We think it better reflects who we are and what we are doing. We hope that you will think so too! As you can see, though, the new name isn't the only change. When it comes to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation -- when it comes to preserving native habitats, educating young people and adults on how we can be better neighbors to our wild friends -- there is a great deal of work to be done. We have built this new website to share information on what it really takes to do this work, what is really involved, and the kind of people who make it all possible. When you support Wildlife Center Friends, you become one of those people! 

Take some time to browse WildlifeCenterFriends.org. Enjoy the amazing photography by Eric Sambol and others. Read stories about some of the patients whose lives have been saved at MCWC, and about others, not so lucky.  Find out what kinds of wildlife share this place where we all live, and how we can become better stewards of these wonderful landscapes. Learn more, and consider the true value of our native wildlife to us all. Most of all, we hope you will begin to feel a sense of community with others who share concern about our world and its wildlife -- who believe we can do better.

Darin Johnson
Wildlife Center Friends