It's Not Easy Being Green

Wildlife Center Friends recently sent out a mailing to let everyone know of our name change and our new website. There is a good chance that you are reading this because you are one of many who have engaged or supported the Center over the years and received that mailing.

We sincerely hope that you only received one piece of this mailing at your home or business and that it was addressed in just the way you prefer! We are well aware, though, that in our efforts to reach out to everyone we know, some of you may receive more than one, despite the de-duping process.

You can really help us be good stewards of our resources and manage our contacts by letting us know if you receive duplicate mail pieces and how you prefer to be addressed. Click here to let us know your contact preferences and we will make the appropriate changes to our records.

Thank you for helping us do a better job! It is appreciated.