Our Neighbors Are a Little Wild

In Mercer County New Jersey, along the Delaware River Valley and the surrounding region, we share space with a great number of animals—wild animals. The variety of wildlife we can encounter on any given day is impressive. Hawks and woodchucks; squirrels, flying squirrels, bats, foxes, raccoons and songbirds; deer, rabbits, skunks and opossums; turtles, snakes, geese and owls; coyotes, beavers, black bears and eagles; are just some of our wild neighbors! Both visibly and invisibly, these animals contribute to a way of life that continues to attract businesses and families to our region.

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As a growing number of people call this area home because of the great quality of life, beautiful landscapes and the many outdoor activities that are available, it is important to remember that those landscapes provide the natural habitats -- home -- for all of our wild neighbors, too. There are ways humans and animals can coexist peacefully. Learning how, and putting this learning into action is our challenge.

Wildlife Center Friends, along with the Mercer County Wildlife Center, is working on behalf of our native wildlife to meet that challenge. By providing medical care and rehabilitation to animals injured or displaced by human activity, and by providing learning  opportunities for school kids and children of all ages, we are doing our best for the animals who are our neighbors. Last year Mercer County Wildlife Center treated 2,472 animals of nearly 130 different species. More than 40,000 school children and adults participated in our Educational Outreach Programs and saw close-up the majesty of a bald eagle. They came face-to-face with wild and they learned how peoples' daily activities affect the wild world.


Our purpose is to amplify these efforts. There are a number of ways you can help. By simply learning more about our region, its wild inhabitants, the challenges and solutions, you can make a difference. If you have the right stuff, consider volunteering. Our volunteers are special people. Consider supporting our work with a contribution. It all matters!