To preserve native wildlife and the one habitat we all share.


To support efforts to rescue and rehabilitate native wildlife and their habitats through collaborative partnerships and education.




Wildlife Center Friends is a community: People who recognize that the abundant wildlife inhabiting Mercer County and our region is a treasure that makes this an extraordinary place to live, to work and to call home. As more people choose this area as their home, however, our wild neighbors are harmed more often. Increases in traffic, residential and commercial development, as well as a changing climate, all pose a constant threat. Native wildlife habitats continue to shrink and disappear.

As a supportive partner to the Mercer County Wildlife Center, Wildlife Center Friends is working to correct this harmful dynamic. Wildlife Center Friends is a community, creating awareness through support of educational programs.  The Wildlife Center Friends community helps provide the critical medical care and supplies needed to rehabilitate injured and displaced animals, so they can be released back into the wild. Wildlife Center Friends is a community that recognizes the true value and amazing beauty of wild and is working hard to save it, here, in the place we all live. Please join us…

Stronger Every Day

In 2014, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization known as Wildlife Center, Inc. changed its name to Wildlife Center Friends. For years Wildlife Center, Inc. worked to provide essential support for the Mercer County Wildlife Center to help counter increasing threats to wildlife and shrinking municipal budgets. The name change represents renewed efforts on the part of the nonprofit to amplify its message and its effectiveness. The name is new, but the mission is not!  Wildlife Center Friends will continue to:

  • Promote awareness of threats posed by human activity to our native species of wildlife and their habitats in Mercer County and its surrounding region.
  • Support the efforts of the Mercer County Wildlife Center to rehabilitate ill, injured or displaced wildlife, and release them back into their natural habitats.
  • Advance charitable giving in support of educational outreach programs, needed medical and clinical supplies, wildlife care facilities and the professional staff and volunteer training essential to the task.

By better articulating its purpose, improving its means of communication and strengthening its relationships, Wildlife Center Friends intends to provide a public point of contact with the issues facing our native wildlife species and our region.

What Are Friends For?

Please know that you can help us in many ways.  By simply learning more about our region, its wild inhabitants, the challenges and solutions you can make a difference. If you have the right stuff, consider volunteering. Our volunteers are special people. Consider supporting our work with a contribution. It all matters!