My name is Jane Rakos-Yates. I started in 1996 as a volunteer. Today, I am the Clinic Supervisor and Volunteer Coordinator at the Wildlife Center, as well as a Wildlife Educator. Each day we need to coordinate the work of our volunteers. Each day brings with it new challenges, and it is because of our team of (currently) 130 volunteers that we are able to meet those challenges. Then it is right into rounds and morning meds. That is as close to routine as we get. We don't always get to follow the routine.

Why do you care?

When we introduce new interns to the Center, I tell them the story of my first day. I was sent straight out to clean poop out of the raccoon enclosures. It is helpful for them to know that we all do our time. But that is also what makes our volunteers so special. They become truly dedicated. I get to know them and they help me make a difference...for these animals, for our environment. Life is short. If, at the end of the day, I feel like I have been able to make a difference...that is worth going to work for. 


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