Helping People Help Wild Animals is at the Core of Our Mission.



We LOVE Animals

We want nothing more than for our communities of native wildlife to thrive, in harmony with with our thriving communities of well meaning people. Getting there is going to take some work. 

Read some of the notable Wildlife Medical Cases
of the past year.

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Support our efforts

We need your support. The reasons to save our native wildlife, like many things today, can get crowded-out by other concerns. Wildlife Center Friends works to remind us all that our wildlife deserve our concern and our resources.

The sentiment of one volunteer says it well...

"As I carried that white tail fawn into the Center, I felt as if I was carrying the future in my arms. In a world changing so rapidly, filled with the need to tear-down, to drill and to build...we need wildlife. And wildlife needs us."

The costs associated with rescuing and rehabilitating injured wildlife -- professional expertise, medical personnel, clinical supplies -- is significant. The cost of developing exciting Educational Outreach Programs to help minimize harm to our wildlife by human activity is also costly. The price we will pay for not supporting our wildlife, however, is unthinkable.

Please consider the challenges faced by our native wildlife, and consider supporting Wildlife Center Friends. You can make a difference.



Why use a thousand words when an image can speak volumes? Check out these images to remember why you should protect the future of our wild neighbors and support Wildlife Center Friends.

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