Peter Batts, MRCVS (Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons). He graduated from Cambridge University in England, where he resided until moving to the US in 1979. Dr. Batts has has two busy practices-- one in Frenchtown and one in Trenton, but for over three decades he has been a great friend to the Wildlife Center and the animals in need of care.

Why do you care?

I believe every animal is important, whether it is an orphaned sparrow, a pigeon's wing that needs pinning or an injured peregrine falcon. Every animal has its special place in the wild and I am willing to help every one.... I am a wildlife freak, myself, and have been all of my life. When you have a wild animal in your hand, that you should only be allowed to view from your binoculars, it is quite a spectacular feeling.


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