My name is Sharon Lauchaire. I manage public relations for an agency of the State of New Jersey. Prior to that I worked for Mercer County, where I came to be very familiar with the work of the Wildlife Center -- which I think is a fantastic resource for Mercer County and the region. I now serve as the Board President for Wildlife Center Friends.

Why do you care?

When I think about it, my involvement with the Wildlife Center has been continuous for almost 20 years, which really seems too long to admit. But the wildlife I see everyday, just living here, is a gift that I don't think we should take for granted! We live where these beautiful wild animals live. On my husband's 40th birthday, there was an injured hawk in our back yard! Another time we found that a duck had laid her eggs at the base of our mailbox. The Wildlife Center was, and is, here for us and these animals. Maybe even more importantly, because of the Wildlife Center educational programs, my kids and the kids in our schools can get the chance to see, close-up, how majestic a bald eagle truly is...and that can change the way they see the world.


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